Miscellaneous References

Gum Disease Stages

Step I: Deep Cleaning-Scaling and Root Planing and Healing

Step II: Pocket Reduction-Osseous “Bone” Surgery

Bone Grafting around teeth

Biologic materials

Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening-Smile Design


Gum Recession and Grafting-Connective Tissue Graft and Free Gingival Graft

Gum Recession and Grafting-Allograft

Extraction and Socket Preservation

Cone Beam CT-Dental 3D CT Scan (CBCT)

Dental Implant 101

Immediate Dental Implants

Dental Implant Bridges

Surgical Guide- Single Implants

Guided Dental Implant Surgery-Full Mouth

Digital Scanner and Digital Impressions

Jaw Augmentation

Rebuilding collapsed Jawbone

Vertical Sinus Lift

Lateral Sinus Lift

Fixed Dentures- All on 4

Snap on Dentures-Overdentures