Biologic Material Emdogain®


What is the biologic material Emdogain®?

Emdogain is a biomimetic implantable biology – based product
made of Enamel Matrix Proteins that promote regeneration of
lost gums and bone in the mouth.

What is the composition of Enamel
Matrix Proteins?

90% of the protein structure of Enamel
Matrix is composed of Amelogenin proteins
harvested from porcine un-erupted tooth
buds. Amelogenin proteins facilitate
biomineralization of dental tissues.

What is the mechanism of action of

Emdogain® activates a complex regeneration
process leading to proliferation and
differentiation of cells. Once applied to the
wound, growth factors are released, and
the cells organize to produce collagen and
minerals which then turn into new gum
tissue and bone.

Emdogain® in oral bone regeneration

Emdogain® is the golden standard when
it comes to inducing the regeneration of
lost periodontal tissues in a safe, easy and
predictable way. Long-term clinical studies
have demonstrated that Emdogain® can
effectively help save teeth by building bone
and revert gingival recessions.

Before Emdogain® – Bone Defect

After Emdogain® – Bone Growth

Emdogain® in Wound healing

As esthetics, comfort and efficiency become more and more important when it comes to implant dentistry, Emdogain® allows
accelerated healing, and minimizing discomfort through less swelling and less pain as well as faster recovery