Modified Pin Hole graft:

This technique is modification and upgrade on the Old procedure referred to as Pin Hole Grafting. The modified and improved surgical technique which is currently being prepared for publication by Dr. Khoury, involves creating a space “tunnel” between the teeth and the existing gum tissue using a tiny opening “hole” but instead of using materials that dissolve faster and are not stable long-term “as shown in the original technique,” this modification involves adding Alloderm or a small piece of the patient’s own gum tissue to increase thickness, and provide stability.

The modification was done due to the non stable long-term results from the old technique that has not shown stable long-term results in patients. The lack of stability of the gum tissue from the old technique and the desire of Dr. Khoury to not put his patients through a second surgery is what prompted the modification and the research to improve patient’s outcomes.