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Dental CT Scan "CBCT"

Dental 3D CT (CBCT) imaging is a highly accurate 3-D radiographic images for the diagnosis, and treatment planning of dental implant surgery- including computer guided dental surgery. 3D images enable a level of anatomical accuracy and predictability to patient care not possible with older 2-D technologies.

It is used for the measurement of bone volume (height and width of the bone) as well as identifying any vital structures (nerves, and sinus location). Using a CBCT is the Gold Standard for dental implant surgery. Getting or planning a dental implant without this diagnostic 3D x ray is considered BELOW the standard of care. (Image 1)

What are the benefit of the CBCT?

1) CBCT allows identification of narrow jawbone (Image 2) which is not adequate for dental implant vs a wide jawbone which is what is needed for a long-term success of a dental implant (Image3).

Image 2: Narrow Jaw-Not good for dental implants

Image 3: Wide Bone giving support for dental implants

2) In the upper jaw, the 3D data allows us to visualize the location of a tooth within the bone (Image 4).

Image 4:

3) Also, prior to dental implants, the 3D data allows us to visualize the empty bone, measure the width and height of the bone as well as the location the sinus (Image 5), and finally plan the dental implant virtually (Image 6).

Image 5: Width and height of the jaw are measured

Image6: Accurate Dental Implant placement

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