Your Visit “A-to-Z”

After checking in, you’ll be escorted to the consultation room for an exam and information session with Dr. Khoury or Dr Cabrera.

  • A complete exam requires updated full-mouth x-rays to beno older than one year. So if you don’t have x-rays with you from your dentist, or if your x-rays are out-of-date,we’ll take a full set of x-rays at this time

  • Once Drs. Khoury and Cabrera have performed a thorough periodontal (gum) exam and reviews your x-rays, he’ll go over the results with you
  • Dr. Khoury will explain your proposed treatment and will share pictures and videos of what your treatment plan entails
  • After feeling confident that you understand proposed treatment, Dr. Khoury or Dr . Cabrera will discuss post operative instructions and care
  • At the same time, both doctors will need to consult your general dentist to ensure that the best treatment plan has been designed for you
  • Options for sedation will be discussed, including the options of Oral Sedation or IV Sedation
  • Your final treatment plan will then be presented by the office manager, including insurance coverage, co-pays, and financing options
  • After treatment has been completed, you will receive written post-operative instructions, Dr. Khoury and Cabrera’s contact information, and any prescriptions to be filled
  • During a comfortable time of your recovery, we will invite you to complete a follow-up survey and to keep us updated on how your new perfect smile has impacted your life!