PiezoSurgery machine “sp: peezo surgery”

The patented Piezosurgery® technology was specifically designed to be precise, powerful, and safe and is the only piezoelectric technology for bone surgery that is supported by over a 100 published studies. In spite of the proliferation of low-cost imitations, the Piezosurgery® technology has no rivals in performance, safety, and precision. For more than a decade, the Piezosurgery® name has been recognized the world over as the leader in ultrasonic technology for osseous surgery. Since creating the first piezoelectric surgical system in 1997, Piezosurgery Incorporated and Mectron Medical Technology have remained dedicated to refining and improving the technology — ensuring that our proprietary systems continue to lead the industry in performance.

Piezosurgery® is safe. Piezosurgery® is designed with your patient’s safety in mind. From day one Piezosurgery® has been designed and proven to be safe around delicate anatomy such as: dura mater, vessels, membranes, soft tissue, nerves and even tumors. As an extra precaution, if Piezosurgery® surgical insert tips cannot resonate at the right frequency to ensure a safe surgery then Piezosurgery® devices will not function.

Piezosurgery® Touch’s micrometric cutting action provides ultimate surgical precision and intra-operative sensitivity, while the selective cutting action allows surgeons to cut bone tissue while minimizing trauma to the soft tissue. All of this is possible while operating with high intra-operative visibility and a blood-free surgical site. Furthermore, research shows that Piezosurgery® is not only less invasive, but also promotes faster tissue healing.