Regular follow-up visits are important to maintaining good oral health. Failure to follow-up regularly can lead to further gum problems or tooth decay.

Your maintenance visit at Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons will involve the following:

  1. Review and update of your medical history, prescribed medications or physical condition
  2. Oral cancer check
  3. Necessary X-rays
  4. Tour of your mouth with our intra-oral camera
  5. Examination of your teeth to detect decay
  6. Inspection of existing fillings and/or crowns for leaks or cracks
  7. Evaluation of gum tissue conditions / periodontal screening
  8. Instruction on tooth brushing and flossing
  9. Dietary suggestions as needed
  10. Treatment planning for necessary work to be done
  11. Discussion on recommended time periods between recare / maintenance appointments