DDS Implant Study Organizational Goals

  1. Provide Quality CE of interest to members with good attendance.

  2. Maintain long term quality of the CE by involving members of the study club.

  3. Continue free membership appreciation courses across the state.

DDS Implant Study Club Organizational Mission

Provide high quality courses which focus on advances in Periodontology and Dental Implants allowing for improvement in clinical experience that benefits all patients

Continuing Education Goals

The long-range goals of the CE program are to:

  1. Help health care professionals meet federal and state training requirements.

  2. Improve patient and health care worker safety by providing accurate detailed information on infection control and exposure control.

  3. Inform health care professionals of changes in regulations which will help them to be in compliance with state and federal laws.

  4. Inform health care professionals of the latest recommendations of professional organizations (AGD, ADA) and government agencies (CDC, OSHA).