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Two Implant Overdenture
1. A common complaint of people who wear complete dentures is that they are hard to keep in place, resulting in problems eating and speaking, and also causing soreness as the teeth shift and rub on the gums.
2. If you are missing all your teeth, you need a full denture. There are several ways of doing this. You can have an implant overdenture. You can have a series of implants placed and teeth placed over these implants. This is the most comfortable and functional option.
3. With an implant overdenture, two or more implants may be placed in your jaw. For the lower jaw a minimum of two implants are used, toward the front, and in the upper jaw, a minimum of four implants are used. Sometimes a titanium bar can be made to connect the implants and to add stability. The bar increases the retention and stability of the teeth, but a bar isn’t always used. The denture, then connects or locks onto the implants and/or bar for stability.

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