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Whitening your teeth is one of the easiest ways to brighten your smile. It is important that before you whiten your teeth, you are evaluated by your dentist to ensure that you have teeth free of decay and no soft tissue ulcerations. Bleaching procedures utilize a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel which releases oxygen upon contact with your teeth, removing the stain from the outer surface of the teeth.

    • ZOOM — Power Bleaching:

In-office power bleaching uses the highest concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide to treat severe discolorations and is for those patients who want immediate results or cannot tolerate trays in their mouth. ZOOM will allow you to see immediate results in about one hour while you relax. This system will whiten your teeth up to eight shades and is safe, effective, fast, simple and completely painless. After a short preparation period of isolating your lips and gums, a whitening gel is applied and is activated by a specially designed light. Typically in the days that follow this procedure, your smile may whiten even more with our encouragement to maintain the whitening by using our take home trays to ensure greater long-term results.

    • Custom Bleaching Trays:

This at home option requires two initial trips to our office. At the first visit, we take impressions of your teeth from which we fabricate your custom bleaching with reservoirs to hold the bleaching gel. At your second visit, we fit your appliance and instruct you on how to administer the whitening gel. The gels come in various concentrations which we can dispense to patients according to their particular needs. The trays can last for years and are a long term cost effective method of maintaining teeth whitening, requiring only the purchase of additional tubes of bleaching gel

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